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“Language is the road map of culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”
– Rita Mae Brown

Language ✻ Intercultural Competence ✻ Leadership ✻ Acculturation

Successful Work Team

LILA communication is

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   ✻ Intercultural Competence

   ✻ Leadership

   ✻ Acculturation

Trainer: Michelle Hagenberg, M. Ed

Lila communication specializes in language, communication and intercultural training.


How we communicate is just as important as what we communicate.  Being an effective international communicator does not always mean knowing the right vocabulary and having perfect grammar, but increasing your awareness, knowledge and skills with different cultures.  I have worked professionally as a trainer, facilitator and coach for over 25 years.

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Cross Cultural Business Communication


As a cross-cultural communication coach and trainer, I am committed to helping individuals and organizations navigate the complexities of intercultural communication.

With my expertise as Results Trained Coach, Fierce Conversations Trainer, Intercultural Trainer,  CQ Facilitator and Advanced Neurolanguage Coach.  I am well-equipped to guide you in developing the necessary skills to communicate effectively across cultures.

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your cross-cultural communication skills, or an organization seeking to enhance your team's ability to work across borders and with diverse clients, I offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

My coaching and training approach is highly personalized, interactive, and engaging, ensuring that you will learn and practice practical techniques that will help you communicate more effectively with people from different cultures.

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards improving your cross-cultural communication skills!

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Screenshot_2021-05-26 Efficient Language

Advanced Neurolanguage® Coach

Brain Based Coach

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Fierce Trainer

Certified CQ Facilitator

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my first BESIG conference presentation

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Language Coaching

Lila communication can help you overcome your limitations of using English in both everyday and business contexts.  We will structure the course to your needs in a relaxed, friendly environment and maybe throw in a few exercises on common false friends. 
Whether you need to improve your English skills because you are traveling or because you need to improve your business English, we can make it happen.  In person, Skype and zoom lessons are available.

Business Meeting
Modern Office

Individual Coaching

As a Neurolangauge Coach® I use coaching techniques and neuroscience to help my clients to reach higher language levels in a most efficient and effective way. 

"Language Coaching is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge from the language coach to the the language coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain based coaching and coaching principles".

Business English courses

We offered tailored made Business English courses structured to your individual needs: In-company, online and in person. Improve your emails, telephoning, meeting and presentation skills while increasing your vocabulary and confidence in Business English Communication.

current and past clients
Working Over Coffee

Weekend Workshops

Don't have time to learn English during working hours?  We can work together during the weekend for 3 to 5 hours, either mornings or afternoons. Contact me for more information.

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Intercultural Competence

Being competent in English doesn’t always mean knowing grammar and vocabulary, it also means listening and responding to others.  How you use the language is just as important in international business communication.

Everything from small talk to presentations and negotiations take into account intercultural differences.  How you come across is just as important as knowing the right words.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and proficiency in English are great ways to enhance your performance in your career.  The “coach approach” to language training and improving your interpersonal skills are great benefit to your leaderships skills.

“Leading with Cultural Intelligence” by David Livermore interested me so much I am now certified as a Cultural Intelligence Facilitator.

World Peace
Networking Event
Map in Grass

Intercultural Training

Prepare yourself and your organization

Intercultural competence is one of the most important skills in working  in an international environment.  I am dedicated to helping people develop their awareness of themselves and others in this world.  I do not focus of the dos and don't s but on the experience of challenging their views on ourselves in the world. And to increase awareness and sensitivity  to work more effectively internationally.

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Cultural Intelligence

CQ measures your capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations.

I work with the Cultural Intelligence Center to measure an individual's capability for working and relating across cultures. I help clients to interpret the feedback and to guide them in developing a personal CQ Development plan.

Effective Intercultural Communication

Get the Most out of Life

I am an Intercultural Competence in English Trainer and Examiner from elc.  I can prepare you and/or a small group for the Intercultural Competence in English Certification.

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Leadership skills

Need help to achieve your leadership skills? I use an array of coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, I offer workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing their intercultural business communication skills to become a more effective leader.

Public Speaker
Shaking Hands
In Negotiation

Presentation Training

I have prepared many clients to give powerful, effective presentations.  I can work with both individuals and groups to increase your impact as a speaker in international setting all while focusing on your audience, using body language and cultural considerations.

Assessment center and Application Training

While doing in company business English training, I have prepared many individuals for their assessment center with great results.  Since 2012, I have coached and trained large groups on the application process in English and facilitated an Interviewing day workshop to help people present themselves the best way possible.

Business Coaching

My job is to coach you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling career. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. I am currently working on acquiring my ACC coaching credential to be a Life Coach.

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Relocation and Expat Coaching

Living in another country, even only for a few years, it is not always as easy or as glamorous as it seems. Attitudes are different, effective communication can be impossible and then that culture shock kicks in! As a fellow expat here in Germany (going on 20 years!), I can develop training seminars to  meet your clients needs and to prepare for their assignment.

Half day, one day or two day seminars can be offered as a relocation assignment package.  I have trained over 40 individuals and couples relocating to the USA on their two years assignment with Bayer.  I have also prepared families and couples for their assignments online.

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Relocation Training

I have trained over 40 couples relocating to the USA and I have completed the "Crossing Cultures with Competence" training from the Interchange Institute where I am also now a Senior Trainer to train other trainers on the "Crossing Cultures with Competence" program.

Stressed Woman

Expat Coaching

Culture shock and adapting to the new country is hardest for the trailing spouse.  Which is why I offer ongoing support as a coach to fellow expats. Please talk to us about your specific needs.

Information in Deutsch

Training Services

Auf den ersten Blick scheint Englisch eine leichte Sprache zu sein. “How are you? I’m fine, and you?”Aber was kommt dann? Wie reagieren wir, wenn wir im Café etwas Falsches bestellt haben? Wie stellen wir uns jemandem vor, den wir im Flugzeug kennenlernen oder neuen Geschäftspartnern. Ist die Benutzung der richtigen Verbform und –zeit wirklich so wichtig?

Lila communication kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihre Englischkenntnisse in Alltags- und Geschäftssituationen  zu verbessern. Wir bieten Ihnen maßgeschneiderten Unterricht in einer relaxten, freundlichen Atmosphäre an und sprechen vielleicht auch über typische Fehler („false friends“).

Ob Sie Ihr Englisch für Reisen verbessern wollen oder Ihr Geschäftsenglisch:

Wir schaffen das!

Wir bieten persönlichen Unterricht in Person oder über Skype.


Lila communication kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihre Englischkenntnisse in Alltags- und Geschäftssituationen  zu verbessern. Wir bieten Ihnen maßgeschneiderten Unterricht in einer relaxten, freundlichen Atmosphäre an und sprechen vielleicht auch über typische Fehler („false friends“).

Ob Sie Ihr Englisch für Reisen verbessern wollen oder Ihr Geschäftsenglisch:
Wir schaffen das!

Business English

Lila communication bietet Ihnen auf Sie zugeschnittene Business-Englisch-Kurse an, als Einzeltraining oder in Kleingruppen. Unsere Trainerin geht auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein und konzentriert sich auf Ihre Stärken und Schwächen im Englischen. Was immer für Sie am praktischsten ist: eintägige Trainings, einwöchige Intensivkurse oder wöchentliche Trainingseinheiten.

Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Kompetente Englischkenntnisse sind nicht immer von der Grammatik oder dem Wortschatz abhängig. Die Art, wie man die Sprache anwendet ist genauso wichtig in der internationalen Geschäftskommunikation.
Interkulturelle Unterschiede spielen beim Small Talk genauso wie bei Präsentationen und Verhandlungen eine wichtige Rolle. Ihr persönliches Auftreten ist dabei genauso entscheidend wie das richtige Vokabular.
Ich bin eine Trainerin mit der Qualifikation “Intercultural Competence in English” und eine Prüferin von elc. Ich kann Sie oder eine Kleingruppe auf das Zertifikat “Intercultural Competence in English” vorbereiten.

Cross Cultural Coaching

Das Leben in den USA ist nicht immer so einfach wie es scheint. Die Lebenseinstellung ist verschieden, die Art der Kommunikation ist anders und manchmal ist es schwer, Freundschaften zu knüpfen.
Als Amerikanerin hier in Deutschland biete ich interkulturelles Training für berufliche und private Zwecke an. 
Ich biete halbtätige, ganztägige oder zweitägige Seminare zum Thema Relocation (internationaler Umzug) an. Auch das erfolgreiche Arbeiten mit amerikanischen Geschäftspartnern kann Inhalt dieser Seminare sein.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) und gute Englischkenntnisse bringen Sie in Ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn voran. Mit Unterstützung eines eigenen Trainers können Sie Ihre persönlichen Fähigkeiten und Führungsqualitäten schnell und effektiv ausbauen.
“Leading with Cultural Intelligence” von David Livermore war für mich so inspirierend, dass ich eine Qualifikation als zertifizierte Trainerin für Kulturelle Intelligenz erworben habe.
Ich biete Selbst- und Fremdeinschätzungstests zur Kulturellen Intelligenz an und arbeite hierzu mit dem CQ Center. Außerdem biete ich halb- und ganztägige Seminare zum Thema Kulturelle Intelligenz an.
Die Themen umfassen: Kulturelle Begebenheiten, die Unterschiede der Kulturellen Intelligenz, das Verständnis der eigenen kulturellen Werte und deren Bedeutung für das Management sowie die Verbesserung der eigenen kulturellen Intelligenz (CQ).

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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LILA communication
Trainer: Michelle Hagenberg, M. Ed

Language ✼ Intercultural Competence ✼Leadership ✼ Acculturation

Michelle Hagenberg, M.Ed has taught Business English and Intercultural Communication for over 15 years in Germany and has over 25 years experience working in adult education as an College Instructor and a Facilitator for the US Navy. 

 She knows what it feels like to struggle as a trailing spouse in a new land and having to learn and survive using a new language.  Her fun, relaxed skills-based approach brings results in the classroom and the meeting room.

  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Development

  • Currently working on my ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from the ICF

  • Neurolanguage Coach®, Efficient Language Coaching, Ltd. Level 1&2 2017/2018

  • Senor Trainer for The Interchange Institute

  • NLP Basics, Tom Andreas September 2017  

  • Crossing Cultures with Competence Trainer from the Interchange Institute

  • Cultural Orientations Framework Certification from Phillipe Rosinski&Company after attending "Leading and Coaching across Cultures" at the University of Cambridge

  • Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator from the Cultural Intelligence Center

  • Trainer/Examiner in Intercultural Competence in English from European Language Commission

  • Completed “Skills for Intercultural Training” from LTS Training and Consulting

  • UK LCCI “Certificate in Teaching English for Business”

  • ELTA Rhine member

  • SIETAR member

  • IATEFL-BESIG member

  • International Coach Federation member

  • member in the Efficient Language Coaching network

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“Culture is a framework in which we communicate.”

Stephan Roberts

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Would you like to learn more about my training workshops and coaching sessions?

 Contact me today to schedule a session.

+49 (0) 179 7399374

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